About the CSG

The PSA Conservatism Studies Group aims to encourage high-quality research on all aspects of conservatives and conservatism. We aim to create a common purpose among those interested in the study of conservatism at all levels of academic development. The CSG currently has 170 members internationally.

Conservatism is one of the oldest and most influential philosophical positions in the world. However, it has attracted far less scholarly interest than parities on the left of the political spectrum.

The PSA specialist group for the study of Conservative politics and conservatism (C&C) was set up in late-2008 by Professor Tim Bale in order to address these deficiencies. This was a timely decision as conservatism and the Conservative Party were seeking to renew themselves in anticipation of a return to government at the national level, leading to heightened scholarly and public interest in the subject. The result of the 2010 general election ensured the continuing centrality of this field of academic inquiry to the study of British politics and public policy.

The advent of Brexit and the Trump presidential campaign demonstrate how conservative politics has significant potential to impact. These recent events highlight the importance of research in the area of conservatives and conservatism.

The group is expanding its scope; developing opportunities for research impact and knowledge exchange between scholars, political actors, conservative parties and think tanks.

It is an interesting time to be studying conservatism, which is not only changing in the UK and US, but also across Europe and other regions of the world.

Around mid-July, we will announce the 2018 winner of our annual £100 book prize.

Co-convenor Dr Anthony Ridge-Newman (Liverpool Hope) recently launched the Tory Research Impact Network, which will work in close partnership with the Conservatism Studies Group in order to promote research impact with the Conservative Party.  There will be a TRIN fringe event held at Conservative Party Conference 2018 in the autumn, based on an International Development theme.

The CSG is also working in partnership with the PSA Political Marketing Group to convene a conference on the Conservative Party and strategic communications in December 2018.

We are also working towards hosting our 2019 conference after a very successful workshop at Edinburgh University in June.

If you would like to join the CSG, or would like to be added to our mailing list, please e-mail us at